Kana Reminder

Kana Reminder

Never forget an important event again


  • Handy, easy-to-use tool
  • Support for periodic reminders
  • Choose between different actions for each reminder


  • No categories for reminders

Very good

I don't know if it's age, stress or that I'm simply too absentminded, but the truth is that I keep on forgetting important dates all the time.

If you're anything like me you definitely need Kana Reminder, a handy tool that manages all the important dates and events in your life and makes sure you don't forget any of them again.

Kana Reminder is very easy to use. The first step when you start using it is obviously entering all the dates you want to remember, but you only need to do this once. Plus Kana Reminder lets you customize each entry in different ways: you can for example set a given reminder to be repeated according to a certain time interval (from one hour to one year) and also choose between several actions to be taken when the reminder is triggered.

Kana Reminder is a great help for people like me who tend to forget important dates. The only thing I missed was the possibility to organize reminders in some way, either with categories or with simple icons, one for each type of reminder: birthdays, business meetings, doctor appointments and so on.

With Kana Reminder you won't miss an important date again!

Kana Reminder


Kana Reminder

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